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R packages

Package CRAN Version Build Status Code Coverage Downloads 1 Development Role
splines2 CRAN Status Build Status Code Coverage Total Downloads Development aut, cre
reda CRAN Status Build Status n/a Total Downloads Development aut, cre
dynsurv CRAN Status Build Status n/a Total Downloads Development aut, cre
touch CRAN Status n/a n/a Total Downloads n/a ctb
  1. Downloads from the Rstudio CRAN mirror only. 

splines2: Regression Spline Functions and Classes Too

splines2 is a complementary package on splines providing functions constructing B-spline, monotone spline (M-spline) and its integral (I-spline), convex spline (C-spline), and integral of B-spline basis. Piecewise constant basis is allowed for B-spline and M-spline basis.

reda: Recurrent Event Data Analysis

reda mainly provides function fitting gamma frailty model with baseline rate function modeled by regression splines for recurrent event data, as well as functions computing and ploting the mean cumulative funciton from sample (Nelson-Aalen estimator) and the fitted frailty model. Most functions are S4 methods that produce S4 class objects.

dynsurv: Dynamic Models for Survival Data

dynsurv provides functions to fit time-varying coefficient models for interval censored and right censored survival data. Three major approaches are implemented:

  1. Bayesian Cox model with time-independent, time-varying or dynamic coefficients for right censored and interval censored data;
  2. Spline based time-varying coefficient Cox model for right censored data;
  3. Transformation model with time-varying coefficients for right censored data using estimating equations.

touch: Tools of Utilization and Cost in Healthcare

touch provides tools of unilization and cost in healthcare is an R implementation of the software tools developed in the H-CUP (Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project) at AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality). It currently contains functions to map ICD9 code to AHRQ comorbidity measures.

Python Modules

  • touchpy: Tools of Utilization and Cost in Healthcare implemented in Python